Virtual Care: Technology and Health

by Sarah Mason The statistics are overwhelming that there needs to be change, but venturing into bringing healthcare more “tech”, virtual delivery and digital records, has met resistance from end users. However, polls show 62% of Americans prefer telehealth versus in person healthcare appointments. The problems that are solved by bringing in more technology are

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Data-Driven Continuous Improvement

by Sarah Mason The development lifecycle for services or products includes a phase of changes for maintaining quality and function. Continual Improvement is a goal oriented phase based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. A continual improvement process, also often called a continuous improvement process, is an ongoing effort to improve products, services, or processes. These efforts

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Diagnostic and Descriptive Analytics, Same or Different?

by Sarah Mason There are four types of analytics: Descriptive, Diagnostic, Prescriptive, and Predictive. Selecting the right type requires knowledge of analysis and the needs of finding information to problem solve. Most analysis is gathering information and generating knowledge in response to a need usually based on a problem. With four types, each is distinct.

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Socioeconomic Levels & Our Health

by Cameron Willis A person’s socioeconomic level also shows their relationship to their health and utilization of health care. Variables in a person’s surroundings have a significant impact on their health, for example, working circumstances have an impact on someone’s capacity to stay healthy. Through a materialist analytical viewpoint, I will investigate and remark on

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