Interactive Power BI Report, Coffee and Tea

by Sarah Mason Consulting LLC

Creating a report can be done various ways, but creating a visual is a great way to capture an analysis. Using sample data, a data-based sales report is generated using data visualization in Power BI. Viewing and comparing numbers with relationships is part of the utility of the report. The focus is on Market, Sales, and Profit. From the report, viewing a product line, the market share per region, sales and profit by product type allow for displaying where one product is selling more and what product is generating the most profit by region or type.

Building the Report

What to include

For a sales report, there are basic data to include to answer questions like:

  1. Which Market is the largest?
  2. Which Market is the smallest?
  3. What is the product with the most Sales in the East Region?
  4. What has the trend been for Profit versus Sales for Apr 2012 to Jul 2012?
  5. What are Average Sales and Total Sales for a selected Product Type?

Sales Report

The visuals use Market Size, Sales, Profit, and Product data in the Sales Report and available online via Power BI.


Using data visualization to create data-driven reports creates accurate and easy to understand results. Business Intelligence applications create bold results for analysis that can be static or interactive for capturing an image to share or viewing data with selections to customize the report. Looking at Sales data, it is noticed that most sales are in the Central and West regions with Coffee the most popular Product Type. This information can assist in deciding business decisions that affect cost, inventory, location, and more.

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